Engaging for change.

Any ETF provider can track an ESG index, it's how they act which differentiates leaders from followers.

As part of Amundi, we have responsible investing at our core, we use our votes as shareholders and our corporate engagement strategy to encourage sustainable change from the companies in which we invest.

The numbers tell the story.


major UCITS ETF on shareholder voting1


of shareholder resolutions on ESG issues supported in 20232


Deploy a climate engagement plan extended to more than 1,000 companies3


unique issuers engaged in 20234


general meetings in 20235


dedicated experts6

1. Based on ShareAction Voting Matters 2023. Amundi ranks 3rd amongst the 69 asset managers studied and 1st among the 10 largest asset managers in the world.
2. Based on ShareAction Voting Matters 2023: Amundi’s overall score on ESG issues (Environmental, social, Governance and Lobbying-related shareholder resolutions).
3. Source: Amundi ESG Ambition 2025.
4. Source Amundi Engagement statistics. 
5. Source : Amundi, 99% of all AGMs, of the eligible universe, 7 751 issuers.
6. Source: Amundi, data as at February 2024.
Information given for illustrative purposes only, may change without prior notice.

Let’s be clear.

We know transparency matters to you, which is why we've made all our shareholder proxy voting records available here - you can take a look for yourself at how we have voted on all of our holdings.