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Monthly ETF flows

Where has ETF money flowed over the past month, which asset classes have seen the most investment and why?

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Expert's view: S&P 500 Equal Weight ESG Leaders Select

2024 Investment Outlook

We believe there will be key turning points in growth, inflation and monetary policy which may generate opportunities for investors to rotate from a defensive to a more constructive stance during the year. Explore our Outlook for ideas of what to expect on the financial markets in 2024 and where we believe opportunities may be found through an ETF implementation.


Bonds are back and aligned with a greener future.

Following last year’s sell-off, and a decade of low-to-negative rates, Investment Grade corporate debt has been exhibiting attractive valuations. But with climate change widely recognised as a clear and present threat to the planet, how can investors tap into this potential opportunity, while responding to the climate emergency?

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